Additional Services

Mold Inspection

The first step in mold remediation is determining the level and cause of the mold growth. This can be difficult without the proper equipment and analysis since you cannot always see the full extent of a mold problem. In buildings, mold is often hidden and spores in the air cannot be seen. A professional mold assessment should be completed as a first step in any mold remediation process. Understanding the cause, the full scope and necessary safety precautions are critical before starting the mold removal process. For over 20 years Kleenit Home Services has specialized in mold remediation in residential houses, condos and commercial buildings throughout Elliot Lake and surrounding area. Indoor health is so important we offer home mold inspection with reports which may point out areas of concern. We also perform mold air sampling with independent lab analysis and reporting for peace of mind.

Residential Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is the best method for building moisture detection including roofs, attics, ceilings, floors, crawl spaces and basements in Elliot Lake and surrounding area. It can be used to analyse mechanical and plumbing issues without destruction such as hot water piping. Thermal imaging allows us to see what the naked eye cannot. We have Certified Thermographers with the expertise and equipment necessary to complete your thermal imaging requirements.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout lines can be home to mico-toxins, bacteria , urine (especially around the toilets and traffic areas). This is one reason we suggest a peace of mind cleaning of some grout areas and carpeting when you move in to a new home.

Odour Remediation

Odour Remediation is a service we offer to assist in removing unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, Cannabis, skunks, pet contamination (urine, feces). Our process targets the molecular sources of malodors and provides specific and effective remedies.

Emergency water intrusion services

Whether it is a flooded basement, broken pipe, or sewer back up, Kleenit offers emergency flood services . Our technicians are trained and certified to deal with your emergency and get your property dry again. We also offer emergency services for water intrusion and flood cleanup and also provide drying services so that construction repairs can proceed.

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